“The Outer Limits” Tourist Attraction S01E13

The capture of a legendary, ancient monster in a Latin American lake obsesses a dilettante U.S. adventurer and the country's ego-maniacal military dictator. The adventurer wants glory & …

Generi: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Attori: Janet Blair, Henry Silva, Ralph Meeker, Jay Novello, Noel De Souza, Edward Colmans, Martin Garralaga, Jon Silo, Stuart Lancaster, Willard Sage, Henry Darrow, Jerry Douglas, Steve Carruthers, Bill Hart, Shelley Morrison, Vic Perrin, George Robotham, Paul Stader
Regista: Laslo Benedek

The Outer Limits (1963) – 01×13 – Tourist Attraction.BluRay / it / srt Scaricare